NormaTec Dynamic Compression

Using the NormaTec Dynamic Compression Boots

30min Self Recovery Session $20

NormaTec Recovery Systems are a dynamic compression device designed to speed up and enhance recovery and rehabilitation.

The easy to use and portable systems apply Dynamic Peristalsis Pulse Compression (DPPC) to the targeted areas via a computer hand unit.

At Hobart Performance we have two of these systems for use and the leg attachments and can be booked for 30 minutes via our online booking system. The cost per 30 minutes is $20.

Benefits of Dynamic Compression.

  • Increased blood flow to provide vital nutrients for tissue repair and growth.
  • Up regulation of the Lymphatic System to remove metabolites and other waste products.
  • Improved range of motion.
  • Reduction in inflammation.
  • Reduction in muscle tenderness after intense exercise.

How it works.

The NormaTec Pulse Recovery System employs three key features to maximise your recovery.


Instead of using static compression (squeezing) to transport fluid out of your legs, the boots use dynamic compression (pulsing) along the 5 zones from the feet to the groin. The pulsing action more effectively mimics the muscle pump of the legs, greatly enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites (byproduct of energy production) after an intense workout.


Veins and lymphatic vessels have one-way valves that prevent fluid from flowing away from the heart. Similarly, the Pulse Massage Pattern uses hold pressures to prevent fluids from being forced to the extremities, continuing the flow back to the heart.

Distal Release:

Because extended static pressure can be detrimental to the body’s normal circulatory flow, the Pulse Massage Pattern releases the hold pressure on the zones when they are no longer needed to prevent backflow. By releasing the hold pressure in each zone as soon as possible, each portion of the limb gains maximal rest time between cycles.

You can experience the dynamic compression for up to 2 hours but it is our recommendation that you spend no longer than 30mins continuously in the compression boots before having an active break to allow the body to reset. You are more than welcome to book consecutive 30min Self Treatment Sessions if you wish to utilise the recovery systems for longer.

The NormaTec Pulse Recovery System has 7 levels of compression with 1 being the lightest and 7 being the heaviest. Through research it has been determined that no additional benefit is gained from pressure that is greater than 110mmHg. Level 7 on the NormaTec Pulse Recovery System provides compression to 110mmHg.

Depending on the amount of fluid build up in your legs and the amount of pressure, you may experience some pressure markings after taking the compression boots off. These markings usually disappear within 10-15 minutes.

Contraindications for using Dynamic Compression:

  • Acute pulmonary oedema.
  • Acute thrombophlebitis.
  • Acute congestive cardiac failure.
  • Acute infections.
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of pulmonary embolism (PE).
  • Wounds, lesions, or tumours at or near the site of compression.
  • Previous inguinal (groin) lymph node surgery/excision.
  • Conditions where increased venous and lymphatic return is undesirable.
  • Bone fractures or dislocations at or near the site of compression.

The Research:

If you want to know more and like a little scientific reading then you can look at the following PubMed articles. The four listed below provide evidence for the enhanced benefits of the NormaTec Pulse Recovery System, which have summarised highlights:

Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2015 May
“…We conclude that PPDC is a promising means of accelerating and enhancing recovery after the normal aggressive training that occurs in Olympic and aspiring Olympic athletes…”

Experimental Physiology 2015 July
“…PPDC upregulates metabolism and vascular function in muscle tissue…”

Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2014 April
“…PPDC provides a means of rapidly enhancing acute ROM…”

European Journal of Applied Physiology 2015 September
“…PPDC improves conduit artery endothelial function throughout the body and improves blood flow within the compressed limb…”

The following online article by William A Sands, PhD, FACSM , CSCS is also quite interesting.