Small Group Running Strength

Chris and Josh are very passionate about running and trail running in particular. Both have a keen interest in running performance and ensuring those who have the same passion can enjoy every moment when they lace up their shoes.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7am Chris and Josh are taking Small Group Running Strength classes for those who want to:

  • Reduce their risk of running related injuries.
  • Feel more stable and connected when running.
  • Improve running performance.
  • Feel stronger and more in control out on the trails.
Book into our Running Strength Class

Each class is 60mins in length and has the capacity for 4 participants and these are FREE.

All we ask is that once you have booked into a class via our online booking system, you donate $5 to Speak Up! Stay ChatTY when you enter the studio. There will be a donation tin just inside the door.

Mental health is another area of interest for both Chris and Josh and the benefits of going for a run are well documented as being a fantastic tool to improve your emotional state. This is Chris and Josh’s way of giving back.

To see how much enjoyment both get out of trail running check out the following short films of some of their adventures: