Sports Massage

Using Niagara CVT to apply Remedial Massage to the calf.

60min Sports Massage $70

Sports Massage is a fundamental treatment at Hobart Performance for both recovery and preparation. Its benefits are widely researched and anyone who receives regular massage as part of their wellness or performance routine will speak wonders of the experience.

Now here’s the Hobart Performance difference. Where appropriate, we incorporate Loaded Movement Training and Tissue Mobilisation along with other treatments like Whole Body Vibration and NeuroKinetic Therapy with our Sports Massage to provide the ultimate results.

Have you ever had a tight area or muscle that feels great after a massage but eventually comes back?

Why is the area or muscle tight in the first place?

Is it tight and painful because it is neurologically under used (lacks proper nerve input)?

If so then it needs to be activated to regain its sufficient neurological input from the brain, not massaged as this will further “dull” its ability to work properly.

Is your muscle tight and painful because it’s trying to stabilise a joint?

If so then relaxing it through massage can potentially cause further pain or injury. We need to find which muscle or group of muscles are being compensated for.

Knowing if you have a Mobility Problem or Motor Control Problem (nerve input) is a game changer when it comes to Sports Massage as it takes the guess work out of your treatment.

Gravity and Ground Reaction Forces are not effecting your body as they would when you get up off the massage table.

What you are trying to recover from or prepare yourself for will undoubtably involve you moving about with Gravity and Ground Reaction Forces affecting the way you move. After a massage we need to ensure your body is able to move efficiently and your movement patterns (required for your chosen activity) are not compromised.

The synergy between treatment on the massage table and movement on the centre floor is a constant flow. How this unfolds during a treatment is purely unique to your situation.