My name is Chris Price and I am a Recovery & Preparation Therapist. Working with people who want to improve their performance has been my passion since beginning in the health and wellness industry.

How did I get here?

Chris talking with other trail runners.

My interest in recovery and preparation sparked when I was an elite stair climber. In such an intense sport I was always looking for the most effective ways to condition my body and maintain consistent performance at the top level.
This lead me to complete the following qualifications so
that I could further my knowledge:

A Recovery & Preparation Therapist?

My title of Recovery & Preparation Therapist is unique. I felt just calling myself a Remedial Massage Therapist or NeuroKinetic Therapist didn’t provide the whole picture. I think a little more outside the box and pride myself on being able to offer multiple skills and perspectives when it comes to your needs.

Hobart is now home.

My family and I now call Hobart home since moving from Melbourne in 2017. With Kunanyi as my backyard I have left stair climbing behind and found a new love of mountain running, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so in Tassie! To ensure that I can continue to enjoy this new passion I practice daily everything that I offer at Hobart Performance. This means I am constantly evaluating the effectiveness of my recovery and preparation treatments and I want to give like minded people the opportunity to experience what I know all in one place without the trials and guess work of going it alone.

As an athlete and therapist, I know that the key to improving and maintaining physical performance is proper recovery and preparation. Hobart boasts the perfect environment for the active and adventurous, and with 45 minute Private Treatments and 30 minute Self Treatments available, no one should be left unable to enjoy what they love.