For the next few months I will not be available for treatments and I anticipate that I will start taking bookings again in June 2022. To keep up to date with any changes please follow my Instagram and Facebook channels.

Welcome to Hobart Performance

At Hobart Performance we help optimise your sports performance and movement potential.

Our approach is client focused. We listen to your needs and wants before recommending a treatment or strategy that is appropriate for your situation.

We also think a little outside the box and offer a unique approach to recovery and preparation.

Sports Massage bookings are currently unavailable.

Chris offers the following services:

  • Sports Massage & Recovery
  • Rehabilitation & Preparation
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy
  • Private Health Rebates Available for Sports Massage

Self Recovery with the NormaTec Dynamic Compression Boots

In addition to our Private Treatments we also offer 30 minute Self Recovery treatments using the NormaTec Dynamic Compression Boots. Perfect for legs that are fatigued.

Bookings for the NormaTec Compression Boots are currently unavailable.